Residential Fire Sprinklers

JBFP Inc has engineered & installed hundreds of residential fire sprinkler systems. We take pride in the layout of the fire sprinklers to provide an aestically pleasing end product that will save your life as well! New construction, retrofits and addition/ remodels, we do it all!

Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems are maintenance free! This one time cost could save your family in the event of a fire by activating an audible alarm and cooling the fire area. More times than not, the home is saved due to sprinklers controlling or extinguishing the fire.

MYTH! All Sprinklers DO NOT activate at once. Each Fire Sprinkler is heat sensitive, and requires it's own heat source to activate.

Don't let this happen to your home!!

Don't let THIS happen to your home!!!

Call us for a FREE Estimate!!


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